Women’s Health Task Force 2020.

Menopause awareness and management a priority for Women’s task force 2020!
I was recently invited to attend the stakeholder’s forum of the Women’s Task force at the Department of Health. Credit has to be given to the Department and the Minister for Health Simon Harris for developing this innovative initiative in 2019, the first of its kind in Europe. The World Health Organisation points to gender as a social determinant of health. Women’s health for too long has not been prioritised, the women’s task force seeks to address health issues of importance to women in Ireland. It is a collaboration between the Department, women, professionals, and academics with a remit to develop effective policies and initiatives. It was fantastic to learn that Menopause and its management has been chosen as one of its top priority areas to focus on over the next year. More and more conversations are opening up about this life stage,a time which can lead to immense power, opportunity and positivity for many women once they pro-actively manage symptoms. From listening to contributions from Orla O’Conner (Chairperson, National Women’s Council of Ireland) and Peggy McGee (Director General of the European Institute of Women’s Health) along with participating in the interactive focus groups on menopause, it is becoming evident that Midlife Women in Ireland are finding their voice, we may be the first generation to do so, who knows where it will lead?

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