Talk at Waterford Tennis Club.

As covid restrictions are lifted,it was great to see our local tennis club reopen.Many of us have missed our weekly or twice weekly game of tennis.Along with the immense health and fitness benefits ascribed to  tennis, in particular  osteoporosis prevention,the sociability factor is also wonderful.I normally play doubles with 7 other ladies two evenings a week however,due to covid restrictions we are now confined  to playing singles.What is most interesting is how so many midlife women have decided to adapt and try out singles.It’s a much faster and more strategic game but with the right mindset anyone can enjoy a singles game.Age is but a number and many of my friends are becoming even fitter and faster as a result of rising to the challenge of singles tennis.I was reminiscing with some of them on a talk I gave at the club last year,which I hope to repeat in the autumn once all of the social distancing restrictions are removed.Keep active over the summer.We are very fortunate here in Waterford we have the magnificent greenway,the comeraghs and many beautiful beaches.

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