Breeda has been working with women and mothers since 1986. Having trained as a nurse and midwife in University Hospital Limerick, she subsequently qualified as a public health nurse in University College Cork in 1996. Breeda has worked in midwifery, in both the public and private sectors, in Limerick, Cork and Dublin. This was followed by some years working as a public health nurse in disadvantaged communities in Dublin. Following the birth of her 4th child, she chose to stay at home, working   part time occasionally. Four years ago, she returned to full time education completing a degree in psychology in 2018. With her extensive background working with women, her final year thesis involved researching midlife and menopause.

While researching she was dismayed to see so much negativity and misinformation surrounding midlife particularly menopausal transition. In recent years in the academic literature, researchers are calling for more studies on the positive aspects of this time of life for women. This is in an effort to debunk stubborn negative myths, while also addressing cultural changes that surround female aging. Breeda believes far too much media coverage is given to the disempowering and disenfranchising narratives.

In recently completing a 60-day Facebook page posting on all things midlife and menopause (mainly positive). Breeda is hoping to advocate, inform, and empower women from all sectors of society to become the best versions of themselves as they transition through midlife. She is on a mission to change the cultural negative paradigm for midlife and menopausal women in this country.

Breeda is a member of

The National Women’s Council of Ireland. 

The Women’s Mental Health Network Ireland.

A participant in the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland (SEI) 2019 Academy programme.
She is a nature and dog lover, an avid tennis fan and player, and loves researching.