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The Midlife Women Rock Project and Cafes

The Midlife Women Rock Project and Cafes are a social enterprise founded in 2019 by Breeda Bermingham.
A background in working with women for years as a Midwife and Public Health Nurse saw her completing a psychology degree in 2018 that highlighted huge inadequacies in information and support for women in their menopause years. Over the past three years, she had seen the impact and power in educating women and presenting menopause information in supportive environments across society.
The cafes started out as a pilot project at Waterford Health Park for six months pre covid. The monthly meet ups continued over zoom throughout covid, attracting women from all over Ireland and the UK, as so many support services were closed.
Motivated by the belief that all of society need to be educated about menopause, the cafes are now run in workplaces as part of workplace wellbeing programmes.

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The facts about Midlife & Menopause

A passage of transformation

You have the power to own your menopause

No two women will have the same menopause journey so there is no one solution that any doctor, counsellor or coach can prescribe. You are an individual. Your menopause journey is unique. Seek out support and get a provider to work in collaboration with you. You have the power to own your menopause and control how you want to navigate this stage of life so that you can thrive in your next chapter.

Get the support you need

I work with women transitioning through different stages of menopause. Many women tell me they want to get their old self back. I tell them I am not the person who can do that. However, what I can do and what I am good at doing is assisting women find a new woman within, a woman who is stronger, more powerful, creative and self- aware. If you are curious and would like to find that new woman, I would love to hear from you.

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  • BMS Annual Conference 2023

    Theme: The theme of this years British Menopause Conference was Menopause for all. There were many excellent  presentations. Up to date research was shared over the two days covering many different aspects from early menopause to post menopause and beyond. Professor Donal Brennan the National Clinical lead on cancer research in Ireland was one of […]
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  • Magnesium -The superhero supplement during menopause

    I am often asked about supplements as many women use  supplements as part of their SOS toolkit during their Meno years. The first thing to say is that it is important to check with your doctor if you are on medication before starting to take any supplement —–to out rule any contraindication. Magnesium is one […]
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  • Cork Deaf Association-Women’s Group

      Ensuring menopause education is available to all communities is vital. The concept of educating  women and girls on menopause is completely new. Ireland and the UK  are leading this massive cultural and societal change. I was invited to address the Cork Deaf Association recently. Having ladies from their 20’s to the their 70’s provided […]
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