Buy Book here on website

Book now available to buy and ship here on website.

Breeda recently launched her new book- The first researched book on Menopause published in Ireland this century. She loved researching writing and launching her first book-a book she hopes will provide an empowering  guide for women navigating this life phase.

The kindle/e book edition became a best seller on Amazon overnight. The book is now available to buy here on the website.

Free postage and packing to anywhere in Ireland.

Also available globally on line across all Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walmart  platforms

It can be ordered from

-The Book Centre Waterford.

-Eason’s Carlow.

-Hodgis Figgis,Dublin

Paperback–15 euros incl. post and packaging.

Hardback–20 euros incl. post and packaging.

Use paypal link on website here.

Email Breeda@midlifewomenrockproject for details.


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