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The need to empower and change the cultural paradigm for midlife women

In recent years Neuroscientists and marine biologists are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of the sea for our health and wellbeing. That feeling of peace and calmness that one feels from spending time at the beach is now being referred to as “blue space”. The combination of soothing smells and the sounds of water […]

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Diagnosis: How do I know if I am peri menopausal?

At puberty girls begin to have monthly periods. The reproductive hormones oestrogen and progesterone are produced to allow for ovulation (release of an egg) to occur each month. As women age ovulation and fertility levels drop. As women approach menopause the release of oestrogen and progesterone becomes irregular. It is these fluctuating hormone levels that […]

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Where is all this negativity coming from?

In researching midlife and menopause, I discovered that this time in women’s lives has appeared “unimportant” to researchers.Midlife women are seen as an invisible cohort in academia.That may have had resonance in the past however, todays midlife women are forging new paths in their lives at 50.  In an effort to discern where this negative […]

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