Posted: Monday, May 20th, 2019

In researching midlife and menopause, I discovered that this time in women’s lives has appeared “unimportant” to researchers.Midlife women are seen as an invisible cohort in academia.That may have had resonance in the past however, todays midlife women are forging new paths in their lives at 50. 

In an effort to discern where this negative narrative emanates from and why the prominent discourse surrounding menopause has and continues to be predominantly negative. One has to look at historical and cultural narratives where women’s  value was in procreation, once a woman reached 50 she became invisible and invaluable. Remnants of which still persists in our psyche even today!

It has also been noted that much of the research on women’s midlife experiences  originated from a patriarchal system which had a stronghold in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. No historical research appears from a sociological or psychological viewpoint.

The good news is that  Change is coming!!!!

In the last 5 years researchers possibly curious by the imbalance (all focus on the negatives) are calling for research looking at the positive impacts of midlife and menopause for women’s wellbeing (there are plenty of positives out there). Australian researchers point to societal perceptions of this phase in life as having an impact on how women in midlife are perceived. Women in Japan are revered in their 50’s as they are seen as knowledgeable, wise, insightful, educators on life. Politicians and broader society please take note!

I believe the time has come to challenge the status quo which perpetuates the myth for many that life is over after 50.Our mother s generation were old at 50,this is not true today.

We need to knock down the walls of silence, shame and secrecy surrounding menopause and allow women the opportunity and confidence  to talk openly. Society needs to look upon this phase of life with a  new  lens. There is a huge correlation between belief systems and experiences. To challenge the present narratives women need to start by opening up the conversation, speak out and speak up, there is huge power in collaboration, and in sharing our stories.

The media,advertising and marketing agencies need to be tacitly and overtly challenged on their depictions of menopausal midlife women.

I envisage a time in the not too distant future when women can speak about their menopausal experiences and support one another as we do in pregnancy and childbirth. All in an effort to live longer, healthier,and happier lives.

What women are saying

  • Now that I have the knowledge, language and confidence to speak openly about menopause, it changes everything

    Angie Co. Cork

  • I would recommend the Midlife Women Rock Cafe because it's a reliable, well-researched source for information on Menopause matters, but more importantly, understands it from the Women's perspective as it's women talking to women.

    MaryCareer in Transition, Co Meath

  • Breeda is a research-based intellectual talent on menopause and an engaging speaker. Starting conversations around a taboo subject is not easy, it takes a lot of courage.

    Brenda - Business Owner, Co. Waterford

  • If you want to get to understand and learn everything you need to know about menopause, Sign up for the empowering women menopause course. This 6-week course was life-changing for me.

    Niamh - Limerick

  • I highly recommend this 6-week course to any woman wanting to understand menopause and themselves. I personally found it brilliant. It gave me back my confidence in myself. I met a group of open-minded women. There is nowhere women can go to talk with other women about this time in our lives. I have learned not to let menopause define me. I always had thought of it negatively, would never have seen it as a time to open up to new possibilities and opportunities. Breeda covers everything you need to know over the 6 weeks.”


  • This programme has helped me become more relaxed and empowered around menopause. I have a great GP and am taking HRT. It’s the information sharing with a group of like-minded women that is very powerful at this time of my life. The course was shared by Breeda in a fun and light-hearted way which reduces any stress or anxiety that one may have. I now have a better understanding of myself with lots of strategies to manage symptoms and would highly recommend this course.”


  • I would highly recommend this 6-week course. I received so much support from Breeda and the group. It gave me the confidence to move forward. I learned about the physical, mental and spiritual changes that occur during menopause and it all made so much sense. My relationship with myself has grown and I understand so much more now. I feel positive and very optimistic about the future.


  • Attending this 6 week course was a hugely empowering experience. knowledge and education is certainly power. Meeting other women all in the same phase of life supporting one another was fantastic. I learned I have the power and strength to tackle, control and handle my menopause journey my way. I would hghly recommend this course so much. It has enabked me to move forward.


  • Before I met Breeda and started this course, I never had a serious conversation about menopause with anyone. I had very little knowledge about menopause. It is either an embarrassing or a comical subject for conversation. Attending the cafes and 6-week course has been life changing. I now know so much more about menopause and understand myself so much better. I have become more pro-active with my health and am looking forward to the next phase of my life. Every woman deserves this information.


  • Breeda has a great way of imparting information. I really enjoyed the 6-week programme and would highly recommend it to any woman who may be curious about what menopause is really all about.


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