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A seismic shift in menopause in the media

What a week it has been in Ireland for Menopause. A seismic shift uncovering decades and decades of silence around this subject. Six days of prime time coverage on Live line and it continues!!Women are finding their voice, one could argue for the first time in history. Decades of  shame, fear, denial, whisperings, the repercussions […]

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Menopause myth busting

Wednesday 12 th May 9pm Channel 4. Channel 4 are leading the way in the U.K. in bringing menopause into the public domain. The U.K. are leading the menopause conversation globally. The key involves disrupting the SHAME  and whispering that has surrounded this life stage for all women for far too long. Providing up to […]

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Women as storytellers.

I have been researching menopause since 2017. What is interesting to observe in this timeframe, has to be the exponential growth in media coverage and in particular women’s voices in this space. Change is certainly occurring, driven by a grassroot women led movement with the U.K.  leading the way globally. Historically, most of the research […]

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